All about Stamp Duty Change

All about Stamp Duty Change


Tickets SOLD OUT event – UK property Professionals, UK well know one of the biggest developers, one of China’s biggest developers, investors from China & UK came to hear Mr Mark Davies’ professional explanation on the property tax.

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“I couldn’t repair your brake, so I made your horn louder”

In my book <Buy Smart: What you need to know when investing in UK properties>, I borrowed the above quote from Steven Wright.

The idea was that as an inexperienced buyer who are keen to invest in the UK property market, although we could not turn you into a property professional overnight, but we could link you with the experts in all property related areas here in the UK, to equip you with their experience and expertise, thus make your horn louder.

Our Buy Smart Workshop 2016 first event is a fine example of this! 

To clarify the confusions, concerns and panic arise from the Chinese buyers or inexperienced buyers like them after the announcement of the autumn statement, we are now lucky enough to have Mark Davies & Associates host  Buy Smart Workshop 2016 first event “All about the stamp duty!”

Managing Director and founder of the company Mr Mark Davies will be covering the below points on the day of the event for the Chinese buyers and even property professions who were desperately looking for an acute answer to this matter.

  1. Provide tax advice – the best ways of going about tax issues.
  2. Explanation of the 3% stamp duty surcharge
  3. About the landlord’s income tax
  4. Changes on the capital gain tax
  5. Solutions to stamp duty surcharge, will buy under limited company a way out?

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