2016 Property, Art and Design Retrospect

2016 Property, Art and Design Retrospect


2016 Property, Art and Design Retrospect 

2-picWell, it’s never too late to update an amazing event, right? — lol just trying to find excuses for not being able to do this earlier, too busy with work, clients and all other things in life and work. However, I felt it a crime not to be able to write something about it! After all, it was worth all the effort and it turned out to be a truly wonderful evening.

First of all, please watch this short video! : )

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So the story was that back in the early 2016, I went to have a lunch with lovely Laura from Abode 2 and we decided to do something together towards the end of year, to celebrate a hard working and rather successful 2016 before we recharge and embracing a even better 2017. Thankfully, luck was on our side + a lot of lovely people’s generous support!

So firstly, we had an amazing venue – @ halcyon gallery

Then, we had an unbeatable event happen on the night of our event – 2016 Nobel literature prize winner Bob Dylan’s art work exhibition -” the beaten path”

Followed by some truly lovely companies’ support – CID, Rocksure, St Edward, Bloomsbury Law

And around 250 professionals and HNWI’s chose to turn up and get involved!

It’s a great blend of Property, Art and Design and we are glad that everyone had a great time. Now working on 2017’s event!

Here are some pictures of the night! Enjoy and wish all have an EPIC 2017!

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See you all in 2017!