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SJW was established in London in 2015 and is committed to being a premier and highly professional enterprise dedicated to assisting global Chinese clients with property acquisition, asset allocation, and management within the UK. The core team at SJW boasts more than a decade of collective experience living, studying, and working in the UK, along with firsthand involvement in new property sales and investment.

SJW offers a comprehensive suite of services, including one-stop full-package rental management and property resale solutions, designed to alleviate all concerns for property investors. A comprehensive system and seasoned professionals make it possible to achieve the perfect client experience when helping buyers find the best tenants with the maximum rental income in the shortest time. 

In 2022, SJW was selected as "one of the most noteworthy UK estate agency companies" by theUK Property TV for three consecutive years. Commitment, insightfulness, and excellence are the working attitudes of SJW Consultants. Insisting on doing what is right, and putting our client’s interests at the root of our considerations is the essence of SJW’s business philosophy.



St Magnus House  3 Lower Thames Street

+44 2031468420


8th Floor, Block 2, South District, The Bund Financial Center, No. 600, Zhongshan East 2nd Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai

Postcode: 200010

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