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Property management

The most professional property management team provides our landlords with one-stop letting management services at any time. From delivery, collection, furniture installation, and tenant signing to property management, all are managed by a team with more than 22 years of professional experience.

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Apartment Complex

Complete system for finding tenants

SJW has a very complete market system for finding high-quality tenants. As soon as we get the rental property, we will release it in 4 ways at the same time:

- Find 2-3 large-scale rental agencies near the property with a rich customer base to cooperate with

- Cooperate with 1-2 small independent rental agencies who are familiar with the local market

- Notify companies with expatriates that Sega has been working with for a long time

- Sega Rental Team

Professional + personalized service 

There is a saying at SJW that every member knows by heart, that is, "We rent and manage your house as if it were our own."


One of the meanings of this sentence is that in our eyes, every house has a story, and the needs of every owner and family are also different. Although we focus on providing professional services to our customers (Sega is regulated by multiple British agencies, ARLA, NAEA, etc.), at the same time, we will also pay maximum attention to the different needs of each owner and respect the different needs of each person. The way you look at problems allows you to respond flexibly.  

Super strong rental management team combination

The SJW Real Estate Management Team consists of five members from different countries and regions, and can provide services in Mandarin, English, Italian, French, and Cantonese. The team includes ARLA, NAEA members, and current ACCA members, and many members have more than 20 years of experience in UK housing rental management.  


Our different skills, experience, backgrounds and different divisions of labor can fully meet the needs of landlords (especially overseas landlords).  

Timely and effective communication

For overseas landlords, it is very troublesome to manage the house remotely when they are not in the UK. If you can't find a responsible rental management company and there are problems with your house, you will feel like you are fighting against a tiger from afar.


But at SJW, we rent and manage your house as if it were our own. Another level of meaning is that we will be proactive and maintain timely and effective communication with the landlord through WeChat, videos, photos, Voice, phone, email and other methods can minimize the sense of distance caused by time and space.

high efficiency

Our entire team strives to allow our landlords to experience "China's work efficiency" in the UK.


For example, with the permission of the developer, we will go to the site to conduct inspections, take photos in advance, prepare furniture, customize curtains, and attract customers before the official handover. Generally speaking, we will arrange multiple groups of tenants to view the house on the day we get the keys to the house to achieve the shortest vacancy period.  

Provides many free services

SJW has no hidden fees and, on top of that, offers a number of free services. For example: Free help for overseas landlords to apply for overseas landlord tax number NRL; free house inspection; free application for house rental license and other items that other companies need to charge for.

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