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SJW Services

SJW adheres to the mission of completing property purchases in the UK for global Chinese. From purchasing new homes to letting, management, resale, we provide a one-stop service, allowing you to invest in UK real estate remotely. In addition, we also provide customers with customized services for private offices and self-built houses, you can trust us with confidence. Because at SJW, we treat your property as our own property.

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New home purchase

New Build

SJW Real Estate is committed to providing one-stop services to Chinese people around the world - helping Chinese people with one-stop services from initial consultation, house selection, price negotiation, room reservation, lawyer, loan, settlement, house inspection, leasing, fully managed leasing to re-sale, truly This allows Chinese buyers to complete the entire process of buying a property in the UK without leaving the country.


​Rental Management

Letting and Property Management

Our team can help you find the best tenants in the shortest time, bring you the highest rental income, and let you experience the most considerate and professional quality services. The team is led by Mr. John, the director with more than 20 years of rental management experience and the highest qualification of a British real estate rental management agency, to protect your investment assets.


sell again


SJW Real Estate's second-hand house resale business section strives to help you sell your property efficiently. We can provide precise market pricing strategies when you are planning to sell your home. We will mobilize all sales channel resources and use our huge international investor resource base to help you maximize investment profits in the shortest time.


Old bungalow and private office

Mansion and Private Office

SJW’s old houses and private offices are a one-stop shop that meets all the home buying needs of overseas high-end home buyers, and is always attentive and escorted. Provide relevant professional knowledge and consultation to customers who are interested in traditional European-style luxury real estate.

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Shanghai office

Shanghai Office

SJW set up an office in Shanghai, China in 2019. In order to help domestic buyers successfully complete their home purchases, our dual-city service can help you achieve 7*24 hours of communication without time differences.


Self-built house

Self-built House

​If you want to build a dream villa from scratch according to your own ideas in London or the countryside. Then SJW's self-built villa service can definitely help you. We can provide one-stop one-stop service for self-built houses according to your budget, from finding land/old house - applying for permission - house design - construction.

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St Magnus House  3 Lower Thames Street

+44 2031468420


8th Floor, Block 2, South District, The Bund Financial Center, No. 600, Zhongshan East 2nd Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai

Postcode: 200010

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