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Sally was originally from China, and arrived in the UK in 2001. Her ancestral home is Anhui, China. She was the former executive director of Sina Overseas Real Estate UK. She has worked in the industry for nearly ten years and has rich professional knowledge and practical experience in British residential real estate. Since 2015, two professional books have been published, 《The Trilogy of British Property Ownership》 (Tsinghua University Press) and 《The Way of Extraordinary》(directly to the thinking world of British real estate giants) (Jiangsu Phoenix Literature and Art Publishing House).

One of the 2015 BBC's 100 Women Respondents, who often appears as a British real estate expert in mainstream domestic media such as China Business News, China Daily, CCTV-2, etc.

She has been investing in UK property since 2012 and now has a successful property portfolio.

The author of this book has many years of practical experience in the UK real estate industry. The content of this book is concise, practical, easy to read, and uses easy-to-understand language to avoid the dullness of professional books. The whole book is divided into three parts. The first part is "The beginning", which covers the preparatory work in the early stage of the house. The second part is "The process", which covers the specific operations after determining the intention. The third part is " the finishing", which covers after getting the real estate key matters. This book is an operation guide for real estate investors who intend to invest in overseas real estate, and can also be read and referenced by general readers.


As a sea drifter who has lived in the UK for 20 years and a professional woman in the UK real estate industry, the author has always been interested in the three topics of real estate investment, career development, and personal growth, especially how to work in these three fields Achieve breakthroughs from ordinary to extraordinary. In order to find the answer to this question, the author boldly set a one-year plan: in the first 8 months, he visited 6 well-known big names in the British real estate industry, and the last 4 months summed up.

Therefore, the book is divided into two parts accordingly: The first part is an interesting and little-known story of 6 real estate giants, the author records the content of the conversation with them, and what he saw, heard, and felt during the meeting. The second part records the author's feelings and comprehension. The reason why these people have come to this day and achieved breakthroughs from ordinary to extraordinary. The mystery of this seems to be very simple, but it is extremely powerful.



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